Sharon Colman animation director story development Roamin' (In production) A short animated satire about the American Bison's struggle to remain the spirit of freedom.

Roamin’ is an animated satire about the American Bison. I chose the bison because, when I started my research, I felt like I’d opened a can of worms. This animal’s life is fascinating, dramatic, political, and misunderstood. The Bison today is still struggling to hold on to the one thing that they represent to us. That is, Freedom and the true spirit of Adventure. I’m sure you’ll be equally fascinated by what I've dug up. Sounds all very serious I hear you say? I promise, it will be very entertaining! Writing a story that had to be factually accurate without overshadowing the artistic license was part of the challenge.



Although Roamin’ is a standalone film, it’s also a pilot episode for a possible series of short films about different animals.  My goal is to create shorts that will inform and rid destructive ignorance, myths and prejudice that surround many of our animal friends by exposing the truth.  But more importantly, to present it with humor.  I want viewers to identify with the animal in order to empathize.  And the way to identify with an animal that doesn't necessarily have human emotions, is to admire his abilities to overcome the same obstacles that we do.  Acceptance, food, water, shelter, the need for a companion, and perseverance to survive.  The social and emotional threats that we now face in today’s society can easily relate to the physical threats that animals face in the wild.  And of course it’s always fun to observe the absurdities caused by our fellow beings.

I've invested a lot of time researching and developing this story until I felt it was worth sharing with you all.  At this point the film structure is pretty much locked down, the characters are designed, and the visual style is looking good.  It’s time to animate and bring it to life! Animation is very time consuming and I thank everyone for their patience.


Roamin’ is a 2D, hand drawn animation using digital techniques.  It’s a very labour intensive process, but anything made by hand has the advantage of looking and being organic.  The backgrounds and textures will be a mixture or acrylic, watercolour and pencil.  All the components will then be scanned and composited together digitally.  Once all the visuals are in place, we move into post production.  This is where the composer and sound designer do their magic.

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